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The EU closes the shop again

The bureaucrats in Brussels do not care for the constructive way Britain has fostered vital, young entrepreneurial businesses and their financing.  Their latest move is to specify how small... Read More »

A guest worker programme for Syria’s women

I have previously written that we should let Syrians come to work in Britain through a guest worker scheme, arguing that the effects for natives are unlikely to be very bad, and I suspect may well be positive. But how... Read More »

We would blame central heating ourselves

Science has discovered a mystery: It may be the final straw that kicks off intergenerational war. Hard-pressed millennials already resent their parents’ generation for their free university education, generous pensions, higher employment rates and ownership of mansions they bought... Read More »

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The Adam Smith Institute is one of the world's leading think tanks. Independent, non-profit and non-partisan, it works to promote libertarian and free market ideas through research, publishing, media commentary, and educational programmes. The Institute is today at the forefront of making the case for free markets and a free society in the United Kingdom.

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Occasional lecture: Bob Hetzel

Bob Hetzel, long-time staff economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, leading monetarist macroeconomist, and author of The Great Recession: Market Failure or Policy Failure? is giving a lecture at the... More Details »

Private dinner: Charles Murray

Charles Murray, renowned American sociologist and author of, among other books, The Bell Curve and Coming Apart, is in London with the Atlas Institute and will be speaking at a strictly invitation-only private Adam Smith Institute dinner. Location to be confirmed. More Details »

October TNG with David Skarbek

For this month’s speaker we’re delighted to welcome Dr. David Skarbek, Senior Lecturer in Political Economy at King’s College London, who’ll be speaking on the economics of occupational licensing. Under-30s only. To attend, RSVP to or on Facebook. More Details »

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Utility Gains

This paper assesses the various utility sales of telecoms, gas, water and electricity companies during the 1980’s and 1990’s and looks at how government, shareholders and customers fared since the... Read More »

Using what we know to solve what we don’t

Every two days we generate an equivalent amount of data to that produced by the whole of human history up to 2003. Such a scale of data is almost daunting, with much, if not most of it, recorded consistently... Read More »

Time for Time Limits

The UK’s welfare system is in a parlous state, beset by ineffective policies, a culture of dependency, and an ever-increasing price tag. While well-intentioned, recent reforms such as Universal Credit have done little to change this. We must seek... Read More »