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Well, that’s markets for you

Not only is this markets for you it’s rather the point of markets for you: The Co-operative Group has told its members that it cannot make an enhanced commitment... Read More »

Do patent-owners ‘hold up’ further innovation?

One of the standard arguments of the anti-patent crowd is that patents hinder follow-on innovation by making it risky or costly to build on other people’s breakthroughs. There is some evidence for this (see this post from my colleague Charlotte).... Read More »

Markets are actually quite good at regulation

The ASI blog reader may not be surprised to discover that some regulations have unintended consequences that, instead of solving a given problem, make the situation worse. This isn’t necessarily always true—though it might be, it’s an empirical question—but... Read More »

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The Adam Smith Institute is one of the world's leading think tanks. Independent, non-profit and non-partisan, it works to promote libertarian and free market ideas through research, publishing, media commentary, and educational programmes. The Institute is today at the forefront of making the case for free markets and a free society in the United Kingdom.

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Columnist Matthew Parris

April TNG – with Matthew Parris

For our April TNG we welcome Matthew Parris, who will give a talk “In Defence of the Elite”. Parris is a journalist and former Conservative MP  West Derbyshire (1979 until 1986). He writes a... More Details »

Liberty Lecture with Emily Skarbek: Individualism, Feminism, and the Free Market

This very special Liberty Lecture will be delivered by Dr. Emily Skarbek, who will speaking on Individualism, Feminism and the Free Market. Emily Skarbek is Lecturer in Political Economy at KCL. Her research is primarily interested in how individuals achieve social... More Details »

Liberty Lecture with Anthony J Evans: Markets for Managers

In this Liberty Lecture Anthony J Evans will provide an overview of some of the key insights of his new textbook on Managerial Economics, ‘Markets for Managers’. The focus will be on how to incorporate economic thinking into your... More Details »

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The Ties that Bind

Social cohesion is the strength of interactions between members of society. These interactions are characterised by a number of norms that include trust, a sense of belonging, and a willingness to participate. Measures of social cohesion include generalised trust,... Read More »