Miles Saltiel

An end to zombie politics

Written by | Tuesday 16 April 2013

When economists speak of “zombie banks” or “zombie companies”, they mean outfits so overwhelmed by debt that they cannot turn to the future. So too the current generation of UK politicians, with a zombie coalition and a zombie opposition. The poor beggars are weighed down not just by debt but also by duff ideas from the past, just like the man down the hole who hasn’t worked out that first he needs to stop digging.

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Britain and the EU: a negotiator's guide

Written by | Monday 14 January 2013

As Britain prepares to re-negotiate its position in the European Union, with the possibility of a full withdrawal if negotiations are unsuccessful, we outline some of the key points for negotiators to focus on. Paradoxically, the UK might well end up with a better deal if it is willing to contemplate life ‘out’, as EU negotiators are likely to stick to their guns if the UK is determined to stay ‘in’.

Untangling the EU web

Written by | Saturday 12 January 2013

The most constructive approach towards the renegotiation between the EU and the UK would embrace a fulfilment for the UK of the EU’s central bargain: a surrender of sovereignty in return for palpable gains. For the UK this means not so much peace (as for France), or respectability (as for Germany, as well as in different ways as for the Southern and Eastern European members with only recent history of democracy), or a voice (as for the Low Countries and other smaller nations), but free access to local markets where we have comparative advantage, specifically services.

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On Borrowed Time

Written by | Friday 26 November 2010


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