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Happy 65th birthday NHS, maybe it's time to retire?

Written by | Friday 5 July 2013

65 years after the creation of the National Health Service, its fans say it's the envy of the world. But does it deserve that reputation, and could there be better alternatives?

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Opportunities for students this spring

Written by | Friday 4 January 2013

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Cheaper drugs are a feature of legalization, not a bug

Written by | Friday 14 December 2012

Even advocates of drug legalization concede that the move risks an increase in drug use. Milton Friedman, a passionate advocate of drug legalization, noted that a fall in price would be expected to bring about a greater level of demand. Those who advocate decriminalisation of drugs, rather than legalization, often make this point in defense of their position.

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Three reasons to oppose new regulation

Written by | Friday 14 December 2012

During a downturn, calls for regulation to protect the most vulnerable grow more common — and more worrying. The costs of regulation are costs on goods and on jobs, and likely to reduce the availability of both. When the economy is floundering, further regulation will serve to put the brakes on growth. Here are three reasons to oppose more regulation.

Regime uncertainty

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Young Writer on Liberty 2012/13

Written by | Wednesday 12 December 2012

This year we ask students to submit three essays for the ‘Young Writer on Liberty’ competition on the theme:

Three policy steps to a freer, better world

The title of each article is entirely up to you.

1st Prize:
£500 cash prize
3 articles published on
3 books on the subject of liberty
2 weeks work experience at the ASI

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Matt Zwolinski on Social Justice

Written by | Tuesday 11 December 2012

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Denmark admits its fat tax failure

Written by | Monday 12 November 2012

The world’s first fat tax will soon also be the first to be abolished. Denmark has taxed saturated fats since October 2011, and the experiment has been a failure. Danes are worried that the tax has increased food bills (which was the point of the tax) and that it could be threatening the food industry. One poll found that 70% of Danes felt the tax was ‘bad’ or ‘very bad’ and 80% said it had not changed what they ate.

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Broken windows: still not good for the economy

Written by | Thursday 8 November 2012

The weather might not be predictable, but one thing is almost certain; when natural disasters strike, you can be sure that someone will claim this is a good thing. Sure enough, journalists have made the case here, here and here.

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The scariest thing you'll see this Halloween

Written by | Wednesday 31 October 2012

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Independent Seminar on the Open Society - October 2012

Written by | Wednesday 17 October 2012


The Adam Smith Institute’s Sixth Form conference - The Independent Seminar on the Open Society - was attended by over 280 students this October. The event focused on economics, offering students an insight into some aspects of the discipline which are not covered by the A-Level syllabus.

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