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Tom Clougherty is managing editor at the Reason Foundation, a libertarian think tank with offices in Los Angeles and Washington, DC. Previously, he was executive director of the Adam Smith Institute.

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The time bomb keeps ticking

Written by | Thursday 2 August 2012

Last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal (US edition) carried an essay by David Wessel, author of the forthcoming book, “Red Ink: Inside the High-Stakes Politics of the Federal Budget”. It provides an excellent breakdown of the budget crisis looming over the US federal government.

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Cheerio, not goodbye

Written by | Monday 30 April 2012

As some readers will already know, I am moving on from the Adam Smith Institute. Friday was my final day as Executive Director here, and in June I will be moving to the United States. I'm heading for Washington, DC, where I am going to be Managing Editor at the Reason Foundation, a libertarian think tank which also publishes Reason Magazine and produces Reason TV.

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Kevin and Detlev explain it all

Written by | Wednesday 25 April 2012

If you want to understand why we're back in recession, these two videos are a good place to start.

Here's Kevin Dowd on The Decapitalization of the West:

And here's Detlev Schlichter on Paper Money Collapse:

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The return of the recession

Written by | Wednesday 25 April 2012

So it’s official: Britain has double-dipped. Is anyone really surprised?

Of course, today’s number are relatively insignificant in statistical terms, and there is every chance that the Office of National Statistics will revise them a few months down the line. So we shouldn’t put too much faith in the details of today’s announcement or try to draw lessons that aren’t there to be drawn.

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Individuals matter

Written by | Thursday 19 April 2012

Allister Heath’s ‘Editor’s Letter’ in City AM is one of my daily must-reads. Even if you can’t pick up a copy of City AM in the morning, you can catch up on Allister’s latest thoughts here.

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The case for gold

Written by | Wednesday 11 April 2012

City AM asked me to make the case for gold in 140-words, for yesterday's comment pages. Here's what I came up with:

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Unprincipled politics

Written by | Thursday 5 April 2012

At a meeting of our Next Generation group this week, Sunday Telegraph columnist Iain Martin talked about the various failings of the Conservative Party. His primary criticism is that the Conservatives under David Cameron abandoned their principles in favour of telling people what they wanted to hear. That might have been a decent electoral strategy when the economy was booming, but once the financial crisis hit it left the Tories rootless and incoherent, so that no-one (least of all the Tories themselves) had a clear idea of what they stood for.

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The need for multi-speed

Written by | Monday 2 April 2012

There’s an interesting piece of research out this morning from BDO, an accountancy and business services consultancy. Its quarterly Industry Watch, which makes projections about rates of company failure, suggests that Britain’s “two-speed recovery is starker than ever”.

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Can the budget breathe life into the economy?

Written by | Wednesday 21 March 2012

It is worth remembering that no chancellor, however enlightened, can really be said to breathe life into the economy. Believing otherwise gives rise to all kinds of hubristic policies, which do little more than redistribute wealth from one area of the economy to another. In fact, all the chancellor can do is create the conditions in which the wealth-creating private sector can grow and prosper. This is the yardstick by which the forthcoming budget should be judged.

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Running for liberty

Written by | Tuesday 13 March 2012

This weekend, our friend Hunter DuBose (pictured left) ran the Bath Half Marathon in support of the Adam Smith Institute. Love the t-shirt, Hunter!

That's right, dear readers, we inspire such devotion and enthusiasm that people are prepared to run for 13 miles just to help fund our efforts to advance free markets and individual liberty.

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