Unfare Competition

It’s not really a huge surprise that Brussels, the home of EU bureaucracy, has recently banned ‘cab app’ service Uber from the city. The Brussels court unashamedly declared the company “unfair market competition” to the town’s two (yes, two…) taxi companies, and drivers face a €100,000 fine if they use the app to pick up customers. This […]

We’ve said this before and no doubt we’ll have to say it again

In the short term, if you want to alleviate hunger then the obvious thing to do is give the starving food to eat. If you want to stop people getting wet then give them that kagoule we’ve just mugged off the trainspotter at the end of the platform. And if people are poor, poverty being […]

Subsidy is not the way to export success

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, says he wants to see more ‘Made in Britain’ stickers appearing around the world. So would I. But we have to create the right conditions for that to happen. We certainly don’t want ‘Made in Britain’ stickers to appear round the world only because we are subsidising our […]

Once more we find Adam Smith was right

This should come as no surprise to us all for, as we all know, almost all of economics is either footnotes to Adam Smith or wrong. But we’ve nice evidence that once again he was right. That evidence comes from a study of entrepreneurs and what is necessary to allow, possibly encourage, them to succeed: Indeed, […]

Is Keynesianism finally dead?

Jamie Parker explains why Keynesianism has lost in the UK, and where macroeconomic policy may go from now.