There’s a serious problem with this living wage idea

The Living Wage Commission has pronounced: yes, it would be an exceedingly good idea if everyone got the living wage. Bit difficult to think of them saying anything else really, eh? When this was all first announced, the existence of the Commission and the preparing of this report, I took the time to write to the […]

The BNP Paribas $9bn. and International Financial Regulation

Over the weekend BNP Paribas accepted a US $8.9bn. fine for breaking US sanctions on Sudan, Iran and Cuba and concealing that from US authorities.  One question arising is whether the US authorities are using regulation to gain competitive advantage over foreign banks.  This was a French bank that broke no French or EU law […]

Of course we should have a more progressive tax system

The Guardian is getting very het up about the fact that we don’t seem to have a very progressive tax system: These last two charts suggest that while redistribution of income does happen, it’s mainly due to receipt of benefits by the poor instead of progressive taxation. There’s a reason why we don’t have a more […]

Is the UK too equal or too unequal?

Whether the UK is too unequal or too equal is not something that actually has a certain answer. Sure, we can posit that some of the things we do to reduce inequality might make us all poorer (and some of the things we do do) but what is the “right” amount of inequality is something […]

The EU’s purpose may depend on tariffs

What does business want from the European Union? One answer is that of the Confederation of British industry, in its report Our Global Future, which I came across recently. That answer is that business wants to remain in – but ideally, in a reformed EU. One reform they would like is open trade. The UK is […]