We have to announce that all modern physics is rubbish

Well, obviously it’s rubbish, eh? Because as Walter Heisenberg pointed out we can’t even pin point the location of a particle using physics. So, what’s the use of it, eh? We can know where an electron is going, possibly even how fast, but not where it is. So, thus, obviously, we need to take an […]

Yes, we’re afraid we are this cynical

That the major concerns in economics – or perhaps we should say that major concerns in political economy – have changed in recent years is true to us. But we’re afraid that we are really rather cynical about why they have changed: I hear frequently that economics needs to change, and it has, at least […]

The Pink Tax is a myth

Or, rather, it is in much the same way that the gender wage gap is a myth. I’ll provide some context: this article by Anne Perkins is the latest in a wave of pieces expressing latent support for a study released by NYC Consumer Affairs in December. Amongst its findings were that 42% of products available to […]

Corporation tax vs. sales tax

I was on the Today programme this morning, at the ungodly hour of 6.15am, making the case for scrapping corporation tax and replacing it with a sales tax. This has come onto the agenda because Lord Lawson, chancellor under Margaret Thatcher, and great shifter of tax from incomes to consumption, suggested the idea. I also […]

Watch the Somali pirates and the process of state creation

That’s not exactly a terribly flattering picture up above there but it is a typical one of the process of state creation. Yes, this is how polities are born: men with guns enforcing it. as the newspaper says: Somali pirates who raked in millions of dollars in ship hijackings have developed a lucrative new racket […]