Sadly, the IFS is wrong here

The IDS has a report out talking about how wealth is unequally distributed in the UK. And it’s a good report, ticks all of the procedural boxes and emphasies one very important point. It’s also entirely wrong. The full extent of the wealth gap between Britain’s rich and poor has been laid bare by a […]

Time to pay for your own innovation mateys

We’re approaching that time of the year when the Chancellor hands out the sweeties in the Autumn Statement. And so there’s the usual calls for this or that sector to be given more sweeties. It is, as Mancur Olson said democracy degraded into, that time when the special interest groups get to carve up the […]

Garett Jones vs. Bryan Caplan on immigration

Garett Jones, one of my favourite economists, has a new book out, Hive Mind, about how the IQ of your compatriots is more important in determining your life outcomes than your own IQ. Since the IQs of people in the developing world is recorded as lower than the IQs of people in the developed world, this […]

Yes of course Thomas Piketty is wrong, why do you ask?

It was obvious from the moment of publication that Thomas Piketty was wrong. Simply because the world just does not resemble his dystopia of a capitalist plutocracy. The much more interesting work has been picking apart his assumptions and arguments to work out why he is wrong. Our own opinion is that it’s an entirely […]

Does welfare reduce poverty?

Does welfare reduce poverty? That might seem like a stupid question. Welfare is basically giving money to the badly-off. Of course, there are lots of glitches in the system which make it less efficient and effective than it could be and limit its potential (see the ASI’s latest paper for more on that). But it […]