The point of government is to provide what the voters want, right?

Yes, we know this is from the Mail and that it has to do with property prices. But still: The row over ‘new’ grammar schools escalated yesterday after experts warned that many families could be priced out of areas where they are built. Estate agents said that the cost of homes near the new satellite […]

Addressing the real problem of social mobility in education

Social mobility is a desirable aspect of a modern society and it can be broadly defined as the ability of individuals from underprivileged backgrounds to climb the socioeconomic ladder. Education is both an important and necessary determinant of future earnings[1]. If we are to tackle social immobility, then we must have an education system that […]

Recent books in the ASI’s pile

The ASI receives more books than it can get round to giving a full review of, but here are some particular interesting recent ones you might want to check out. Imaginary Cities by Darran Anderson Describing itself as a work of ‘creative non-fiction’ it’s a wide-ranging thesis on the city. Get it if you love their […]

Misunderstanding why people tutor their children

The latest horror to assail our civilisation is apparently the idea that parents might hire tutors for their children. No doubt it’s the upper middle classes deploying their superior financial resources to make sure that their own special little snowflakes get ahead in the race to grasp the great big brass ring that status and […]

It’s free speech that will defeat Islamist preachers in universities

I suspect most readers of this blog will agree with Barack Obama’s basic point in the video above, which is that by banning racist books and right-wing speakers to ‘coddle’ oversensitive types, universities are failing students. This is a problem we have in the UK as well – Brendan O’Neill and Tim Stanley were barred from speaking […]