Isn’t it just wonderful how politics works?

If you promise someone lots of other peoples’ money then you can buy their vote: “I’m 100 percent Bernie,” freshman and first-time voter Emily Wilcox told ThinkProgress. “On education, women’s rights, equality, climate, and really everything, he’s great. He’s looking to the future and thinking about our generation.” Wearing American flags as capes and BERNIE […]

Why students should pay their own darn university fees

We know very well that, on average, a university degree increases lifetime income well above the cost of gaining such an education. It’s therefore not entirely absurd for us to suggest that those who capture that higher income should be the ones paying the fees to gain the certificate. We also know that part of […]

Our Children need Safeguarding from Regulators

The scandals of Rotherham, Oxford, Hackney etc. have finally alerted government to the need for something more than reviews and reports. Ofsted, after turning a blind eye for years, have been told to get tough. On 14th December the Prime Minister announced that Sunderland children’s services will become a voluntary trust and new service leaders […]

Sense at last on the net migration cap

Few issues divide opinion as much as the net migration cap. The vast majority of the public think immigration is far too high. A small minority – myself included – is more liberal on the issue. Which is why I was encouraged to hear that George Osborne has, risking the wrath of the home secretary, […]

The point of government is to provide what the voters want, right?

Yes, we know this is from the Mail and that it has to do with property prices. But still: The row over ‘new’ grammar schools escalated yesterday after experts warned that many families could be priced out of areas where they are built. Estate agents said that the cost of homes near the new satellite […]