Gosh, what a wonderful idea legislation about mandatory technology is

Some may recall the fuss that surrounded the banning of incandescent light bulbs here in the European Union. Our view, driven by the detailed industry knowledge of one of us*, is that this was something that could be taken care of by the market unadorned. If these compact fluorescent bulbs were all they were cracked […]

Even if we were Mariana Mazzucato we wouldn’t have chosen this example.

Talking about Labour’s “rock star” economists and their tour of the UK to tell all how neoliberalism is not longer where it’s at, Anne Perkins gives us this: On Tuesday night, the economist of the Entrepreneurial State, Mariana Mazzucato, wondered, in the course of a brilliant inaugural lecture in a Labour-backed series of talks to […]

We’re not sure we’d take this bet about fracking and oil

We should make it clear that we have absolutely no expertise in, nor even knowledge of, the various costs associated with the different methods of extracting conventional and fracked oil. However, we do know some bits about the wider world in general and that makes us think that we probably wouldn’t take the bet that […]

The EU’s method of dealing with climate change always was insane

There have always been multiple layers of insanity to the way that the European Union and various layers of bureaucracy have tried to deal with the problem of climate change. Assuming, for the sake of argument, that there is a problem that needs solving. It is still true that the actual system of attempting to […]

On this idea of stranded fossil fuel assets

We were really very surprised indeed to see this assertion being made: Fourth, in a fast-changing, post-Paris world, we need a real focus on assets. Oil companies are valued on their reserves: but as clean energy technologies such as solar and wind become cheaper and better, how many of these will ever be extracted? To […]