This isn’t a surprise

Geoffrey Lean gets all excited over in The Telegraph: Spread the good news: growth does not have to mean destroying our climate A new report shows Britain achieved the greatest cuts in carbon per unit of GDP ever recorded by any country. There is hope for our planet Well, yes, anyone who had been paying […]

Some subsidies are not like other subsidies

Austin Healey is arguing that the solar feed in tariff should stay at some gloriously elevated level because: Mr Healey visited 10 Downing Street to argue the case for a U-turn of the proposed changes last week. The Government currently spends £26bn a year subsidising the fossil fuel industry and £3.5bn on solar: “We think […]

Markets make us greener

  When it comes to Pigouvian taxes, like taxes for car emissions, it is thought by some that they are primarily stealth methods for generating government income under the pretext of positive change. So the theory goes, politicians are using a ubiquitously held public view (that we seriously need to become greener) and capitalising on that […]

Some ideas do take a long time to be discovered, don’t they?

Owen Paterson is telling us all about a lovely new idea: For the past 50 years the environmental movement has been in thrall to a simple, powerful and utterly wrong idea: that the best way to save the planet is to curtail human activity, whether in the form of breeding, building, burning or business. Anybody […]

At last, now we know what’s too expensive for renewable energy

An interesting article in The Guardian insisting that the Swansea tidal barrage should be junked. Not that they quite put it that way but that is what their argument means. What they’re actually saying, these Green glitterati, is that the Hinkley C reactor should not go ahead: So how do the operators, the French company […]