Delusions on the NHS

Sadly, one of the reasons that the political conversation about health care in the UK is so difficult is that a number of people taking part in it simply do not know of what they speak. And example here in the Guardian: Four flawed beliefs have dominated the actions of UK governments on healthcare over […]

Reminder to CDC: Women are more than baby-portals

No one likes to receive unsolicited advice; and government recommendations are no exception to this. But the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention didn’t heed that warning when on Tuesday it released a new alcohol advisory, aimed at child-carriers (who we in the 21st century have started to call ‘women’). The CDC has […]

We can’t help but think that numbers are important

We find ourselves somewhat ticked off. Not because people are trying to persuade us of something, that’s just normal. But that they’re willing to, umm, brush over perhaps, the numbers in order to convince us of their desired course of action. And that’s not the way it should be: numbers are important, the proper appreciation […]

Isn’t this the point of the NHS in the first place?

We’re sure it is you know, the point and purpose of the NHS. At least, whenever we suggest introducing a bit more competition into the system we’re told that this is the reason we shouldn’t. For, you see, if we avoid the chaos and inefficiencies of competition, of the wasted capacity that must be there […]

Why we need to reform the NHS

The Guardian is running a month-long series to tell us about that Wonder of the World, the National Health Service. Somewhat inadvertently they’ve also told us why it needs reform. That reason being that the NHS just isn’t actually very good. As they say: Maligned for long waiting times and disrupted by endless reorganisation, the […]