American police now steal more from the citizenry than the robbers do

There’s a good reason why we don’t arbitrarily allow the State or any of its agents to take the property of the citizenry. That reason being that however logical those first steps onto hte slippery slope seem it always, but always, descends into an orgy of said State and its agents plundering the population they […]

It appears that George Osborne doesn’t understand the law

This is very puzzling: Bankers who received taxpayer money during the financial crisis are not unlike shoplifters, Chancellor George Osborne has said. Speaking at the Bank of England, he said that at the time of the financial crisis, and in the years that followed, there were no laws in place to allow regulators and lawmakers […]

Please Sir, can we be oppressed some more?

An interesting little example of what happens when you grant privilege to certain groups within a society. And this is to use privilege properly, as Sir Pterry told us it was to be used, meaning a private system of law, one that only applies to that specific group. For when some or other group does […]

We’re astonished that Polly Toynbee actually said this

Which, given the things Polly Toynbee normally says, inuring us to astonishment much of the time, means that it must be particularly outrageous: I see a compromise here – though junior doctors may resist. Why not pay them fairly, train and employ many more so they are not endlessly filling gaps and overworking – but […]

Better information makes drugs markets work better: so why not legalise them to make them work even better?

Over at Quartz there’s a fascinating piece where the economist meets the pot dealer. And the two discuss how the dark net, the use of Tor and illicit drugs markets on it, improve the markets for drugs. Now, of course, it’s entirely possible to insist that drugs are fer’ the devil and we should simply […]