Reminder to CDC: Women are more than baby-portals

No one likes to receive unsolicited advice; and government recommendations are no exception to this. But the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention didn’t heed that warning when on Tuesday it released a new alcohol advisory, aimed at child-carriers (who we in the 21st century have started to call ‘women’). The CDC has […]

Gary Becker and Timpson

One of Gary Becker’s great points was that irrational, or taste, discrimination is costly to the person doing that discriminating. That then leaves an opportunity to others, in that those being discriminated against are thus cheaper than an objective evaluation of their skills would indicate, meaning that those others can hire workers at less than […]

It’s all about power

Many people seek to impose their will upon others. They want others to live as they think they should live, rather than as they might choose to. Many religious wars of past and present have been fought to make others follow beliefs and practices they do not share. Wars of conquest have been fought to bring other peoples under […]

The perils of a country over run by cocaine fiends

Italy has just made a rather interesting discovery: the country has been over run by cocaine fiends for years now and no one has noticed in the slightest. Which does rather lead to a thought that if the consumption of cocaine doesn’t in fact matter then why ban it, with all of the associated violence, […]

Yes, Polly’s spouting nonsense again

So once again Polly Toynbee steps into the breach to tell us all about the gender pay gap. And at one point she’s spouting simple nonsense: Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show the gap for median hourly earnings standing at 19%. No, they don’t. And Polly has been told this many a […]