Perhaps James Daley could be encouraged to learn some economics?

This rather surprises us even if, perhaps, it shouldn’t. That a man can reach a senior management position, reach middle age in fact, without having the first clue about how products are priced by those who sell them. James Daley, used to be of Which?, is railing about credit cards fees being charged. But the […]

What a hopelessly mixed up policy the BBC is proposing

The BBC, Britain’s state-protected broadcaster, gets its funding from a tax of £145.50 on every household that possesses a TV capable of showing live broadcasts. That means live broadcasts from any broadcaster, so even if you never watch any BBC channels, you still have to pay. The exception is people over 75, who get their […]

Funny this, Facebook is just like all other media

Apparently not all is perfect in this new media garden. Facebook does not turn us all into enlightened seekers after truth, Instead, it allows us to reinforce our own prejudices: Facebook reinforces the beliefs of users because they tend to seek out news and views that tally with their own opinions, according to a new […]

Quis Custodes NAO?

The Auditor General has reported that the £113.5 million “Britain is GREAT” advertising campaign already achieved a £1.2 billion payback with a further £0.5 – £0.7 billion to come in the next five years. In other words, for every £1 we taxpayers invest, we can expect at least £17 back. The National Fraud Office is […]

It’s trivially obvious that this was bad law in the first place

Laws that are passed in a wave of moral panic always, but always, turn out to be bad laws. And so it is, to absolutely no ones’ surprise, with the laws over pictures of people in the nuddy being sent over mobile telephones. Some seem to be recognising at least a part of it: More […]