The Sun told a porky pie, and here’s why it doesn’t matter

One of the points Owen Jones makes in The Establishment is that our country’s media is scandalously bent in favour of the free-market ideologues that monopolise newspaper ownership: Whereas just 36 per cent of voters opted for the Tories at the 2010 general election, 71 per cent of newspapers by circulation backed David Cameron’s party. […]

Time to do your duty and tell government what you really think

The government is calling for views on what should be done about ticket scalping: The Review is focusing on the secondary ticket market for re-sale of tickets for UK sporting, entertainment and cultural events. The Call for Evidence is to enable the Review to look more closely at consumer issues and secondary ticketing. The Review […]

Panem et circenses

We think it’s very nice of the Guardian’s subeditors to offer us this opportunity to point to and giggle at Polly Toynbee: Only the BBC could give us Bake Off and Strictly. We must protect it Polly Toynbee Because someone, somewhere, was always going to attach that headline above to it. Yet there’s more to […]

Not enough people watch Game of Thrones

That might just sound like the subjective ramblings of someone who’s into blood, guts, quality drama and gratuitous nudity. But economic theory suggests that an inefficiently low number of people are enjoying George R.R. Martin’s fantasy epic, along with other cultural gems such as Wolf Hall, Mad Men, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The […]

What an excellent argument against the BBC licence fee this is

Not that Ms. Reynolds means it this way of course, she thinks she is producing the concluding argument for the retention of the BBC’s licence fee: Anne McElvoy makes several sound points (“‘The Beeb is not facing involuntary euthanasia’”, Comment). Her easy assumption, however, that BBC radio operates with an unfair advantage – “a serious […]