Wisdom on housing and land from across The Pond

It’s a sad commentary on contemporary British politics that it would be almost impossible to even imagine an even vaguely lefty economic adviser making the following statement: In today’s remarks, I will focus on how excessive or unnecessary land use or zoning regulations have consequences that go beyond the housing market to impede mobility and […]

Why is the government even involved in this decision?

Whether, where and if on the subject of new runway capacity in the SE has been an argument rumbling along for the entire lifetime of our latest intern here at the ASI. It’s entirely possible that the shouting match will continue to rumble along until his scheduled retirement date if the past is a useful […]

How do we get the adults into government?

We are ever so slightly worried by this announcement: The government is proposing a national minimum bedroom size as part of a drive to stop landlords carving up houses into ever smaller rooms to maximise rental income. Bedrooms in houses of multiple occupation would have to be a minimum of 6.5 sq m (70 sq […]

Ten initiatives to help young people: 1. Housing

Young people find it difficult to obtain housing because it is so expensive.  This is because demand is rising much faster than supply.  People live longer and occupy housing for longer.  An increasing proportion of people choose to live singly, and immigrants add to the population.  All these factors increase demand, but planning regulations prevent […]

This sounds terribly logical which is why people are complaining

We have the delightful arrival of a government plan that is actually sensible. That being, of course, why it’s unlikely to get through and also why there is much a’wailin’ an’ a’cryin’ about it all. For to some people government isn’t there to do sensible things it’s there only to protect their own interests. The […]