There’s a declining marginal utility to government just like there is to everything else

We are perfectly happy to agree with the idea that government is a good thing to have. We are not, after all, anarcho-capitalists around here. However, we are at least economically informed, and are aware that there’s diminishing marginal utility to pretty much everything. And thus, inevitably, there’s also diminishing marginal utility to more government. […]

While we have our sympathies with Guy Fawkes, apologies, this just won’t work

There’s a great deal to like about this idea. Given that the Palace of Westminster needs billions in repair work, why not simply abandon it and stick the politicians in a series of rabbit hutches in Barnsley. Or, perhaps, Bradford. Rather joyous to contemplate in fact. However, sadly for our fantasies, we don’t think it […]

Small Business Medicine is Poison

My teenage neighbour knows that good GCSE grades are better than bad ones. She has an idea that will help all students at exam time. Introduce a minimum grade level of C, so that no student, however bad, can be sullied with D, E and F grades as they enter the job market. Only joking. […]

The Amy and Vicky Act: as naked a financial theft as you shall ever see

One of the things we must constantly guard against is one or other of the special interest groups managing to carve out for themselves some juicy little rent opportunity. It might be landlords arguing that we shouldn’t have business rates because that’s a tax landlords pay. It might be that we must have very special […]

Well, yes Mr Tyrie, yes, you do have a point

It is entirely true that the ONS is not perfect. Nothing created by human beings ever will be of course but even then the Office does fall a little short of what could be achieved. So, Andrew Tyrie does have a point in stating that things should be better. The more specific criticisms are also […]