Women Drivers & The Counter-Productive European Court of Justice

My car insurance is due soon. I hadn’t kept up with all the arcane ways that EU legislation affects UK business, but being curious about whether women still get cheaper car insurance than men on grounds of being statistically safer drivers who have fewer accidents, I looked online and found this: The European Court of […]

As we’ve been known to say before, let’s stop government doing some things

As our friends over at the IEA point out, close regulation and control might not in fact be the best way of managing matters: Four in five sets of UK traffic lights should be torn down to reduce travel delays and boost the economy, a leading think-tank has claimed. The proliferation of traffic lights, speed […]

A Triumph in Disguise

TfL’s announcement of a fresh set of restrictive proposals for Uber is undoubtedly a victory for those of us who wish to avoid deliberate impediments to progress. The initial, much harsher, suggestions have been avoided. However, it will regardless be met by the right with reminders of the fantastic silliness of arbitrary regulation. And so […]

This is a rum one from Corbyn

  Well, perhaps not all that strange, given what little we think Jeremy Corbyn knows about business and economics. He’s decided that companies should not be allowed to pay dividends to shareholders unless all staff are making the living wage. This fails on two counts: on the detailed knowledge of how the business world works […]

We always said this was a mad idea and almost certainly illegal

We’ve been saying ever since the idea first came up that minimum pricing on alcohol was a thoroughly silly idea and one that was almost certainly illegal to boot. Yet there were people who just insisted that it just must be introduced. That second, that it’s illegal, has been confirmed: The European Court of Justice […]