Once more on trade and the EU

As Caparo Steel crumbles into the dust we’ve got the usual appearance of someone arguing for state aid. We don’t, we’re afraid, accept this argument: Our steel industry today is in exactly the same position. China’s state-owned enterprises are not just selling steel below the cost of production in the UK. They are selling below […]

What’s really happening in the steel industry

The Guardian worries about what is happening in Redcar and Scunthorpe to the steel industry of Britain: Politics seems to have absented itself from the old industries. They still employ hundreds of thousands of people, support a highly skilled workforce and contribute millions of pounds in value to Britain’s exports, yet Mr Osborne, who made […]

In which we sympathise with a letter in the Telegraph

We find ourselves nodding in agreement at this letter: Mr Walters said there are some benefits to being a member, but that the level of bureaucracy is a heavy burden on the state. “If we get ourselves out of the bureaucratic nightmare Europe creates, that would be beneficial. And the amount of money spent propping […]

Yes of course Donald Trump is wrong about Nafta

More interesting is why Trump is wrong about Nafta: Recently, Donald Trump made a strong claim about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in an interview on CBS 60 Minutes: “It’s a disaster. … We will either renegotiate it, or we will break it. Because, you know, every agreement has an end. … Every […]

On the consistency of Willy Hutton

Of the varied commentators that parade and prance across the national life we have a certain weakness for Will Hutton. As a wonderful example of the, umm, consistency which is required to remain as an authoritative national voice over the decades. For example, it’s a very good idea, in fact we should remake British business […]