To understand why economic growth is slow look at Keystone XL

The saga over Keystone XL is an excellent example of why rich world economies are in general slow growing at present. President Barack Obama rejected the Keystone XL oil pipeline on Friday, in a move that infuriated conservatives but will bolster his legacy on environmental issues ahead of next month’s climate change summit in Paris. […]

Break the monopoly on liquor in Virginia

Our Deputy Director, Sam Bowman, is currently out in Virginia taking part in the Atlas Network’s Think Tanks MBA, where he has started campaigning for the state of Virginia to release their monopoly hold on the sale of liquor. Watch the video below to find out more.   The campaign tweets from @PrivatiseVABC and can also […]

For Mr. Chakrabortty: why we saved banking and aren’t saving steel

Over in The Guardian Mr. Chakrabortty asks us this fascinating rhetorical question: Why don’t we save our steelworkers, when we’ve spent billions on bankers? There’s two answers to this, neither rhetorical. The first is that those billions we spent upon bankers, that trillion in fact, was temporary: Imagine what would happen if manufacturing were centred […]

Once more on trade and the EU

As Caparo Steel crumbles into the dust we’ve got the usual appearance of someone arguing for state aid. We don’t, we’re afraid, accept this argument: Our steel industry today is in exactly the same position. China’s state-owned enterprises are not just selling steel below the cost of production in the UK. They are selling below […]

What’s really happening in the steel industry

The Guardian worries about what is happening in Redcar and Scunthorpe to the steel industry of Britain: Politics seems to have absented itself from the old industries. They still employ hundreds of thousands of people, support a highly skilled workforce and contribute millions of pounds in value to Britain’s exports, yet Mr Osborne, who made […]