Ten initiatives to help young people: 5. Youth start-up loans

Young people who opt for university education are eligible for loans at preferred rates.  They qualify for tuition loans of up to £9,000 per year, and for maintenance loans which could go as high as £8,200 per year for those from low income families.  Most students assume this is a good investment that will lead […]

Come and work for the ASI in your gap year!

It’s that time of year again: the ASI is looking for two new employees, to start in September 2015, and stay for 4-9 months. Our current crop—Sophie and Nick—are not quite finished (they are staying for the Summer before they go to Edinburgh and Cambridge respectively). But we are opening applications nice and early to […]

Young Writer on Liberty Competition 2015

  The Adam Smith Institute invites the under-21s to enter our annual ‘Young Writer on Liberty’ competition. This year’s theme is: The road not yet travelled: Three paths the next government should take towards a freer United Kingdom This is not a typical essay contest. Instead, entrants should submit three, ASI blog-style articles, each highlighting a different […]

Teaching economics in schools

At the weekend I spoke at a conference in Berlin organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation on teaching economics to teenage school students. I took them through my preferred method, which is to avoid jargon and equations, but to build up understanding instead by starting with first principles and building up logically upon them. Value, […]

Does the GOP need a new stool?

Does the GOP need a new stool? This is the question that upcoming TNG guest Tim Stanley’s been asking in a recent blogpost for the Daily Telegraph. To give a bit of context: the Republican stool is at risk of losing its balance. As William F Buckley once argued, support for the GOP historically rests […]