If only Owen Jones actually understood economic numbers

We do find it difficult to understand Owen Jones. He has, in recent years, told us that Syriza in Greece, Podemos in Spain, Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela have all been economic examples we might want to copy. Quite why such a collection of basket cases have been held up for admiration we’re really not […]

Maybe Lin Homer is just pensioned out?

We find ourselves rather amused by this retirement of Lin Homer from HMRC. Because, while this is to a large extent just idle speculation from ourselves, there is still a nub of truth under the idea that it’s as a result of the tax treatment of pensions. And it’s going to people who have done […]

Well, they do actually have a point here on taxing public pensions

It actually is a fair point that is being made here: The highest paid public sector workers are demanding pay rises worth tens of thousands pounds to compensate them for new pension taxes, the Telegraph understands. A group of 12 trade unions representing hundreds of thousands of workers including doctors, police officers, head teachers and […]

Why we don’t want the government running food banks

There is, as we all know, a certain argument going on about food banks and their usage in the UK. It’s most certainly true that the number of food banks, the number of people using them, has expanded considerably in recent years. This is used as an argument to insist that there’s a gap in […]

Good, glad that’s settled then, UK levels of inequality don’t matter

Even as an entirely utilitarian classical liberal it’s possible to, in theory, be worried about economic inequality. If a society is so unequal that we don’t have, nor cannot have, equality of opportunity then this isn’t a society that’s living up to the liberal ideals. We might therefore want to do something about said inequality. […]