Standing Order No. 118(6) was passed last night by a majority of 28. You won’t have read about this in the paper. The right-wing blogs picked the story up, but when you search the broadsheets for the three letters IMF nothing comes up. If you search for Standing Order No. 118(6), nothing comes up. Put it into Google and no newspapers come up. This on the day when the Today programme have reported the concerns over the debts Italy, and the impending crises that is spreading there from Greece. Italian ten-year bond yields have gone over 5%. Their debt/GDP ratio is nearly 120%. But on this day we were not told by our press that last night Parliament voted to increase our IMF contributions by £9.3 billion. That’s an 88% increase.

I am in favour of a free press – a totally free press. But if the high-minded broadsheets are going to write long, whinging editorials about the demerits of press regulation they could at least let us know when Parliament decide to spend £9.3 billion on European bailouts.

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