Danny Dorling tells us what inequality is really all about

I’ve been lucky enough to get a copy in proof of the next Danny Dorling book, “Inequality and the 1%”. And I’ve got to tell you it’s a corker, although perhaps not for the reasons that Professor Dorling might hope. For example, he tells us in the first chapter what inequality is really all about. […]

There’s no such thing as a free minimum wage hike

Paul Kirby, who was head of the No. 10 Policy Unit until last year, has a long post calling for a “dramatic, historic increase” to the minimum wage, bringing the levels from the current £6.10/hour to £10/hour in London and £8/hour in the rest of the country. It’s a bold post, but ultimately most of […]

Some Reason on gay marriage

There’s a lot to like about the Reason Foundation’s new report, “The Argument for Equal Marriage“. Its basic argument is: 1. Marriage has changed enormously over time. 2. Same-sex marriage is just another change, and on the scale of possible changes that can be made to “marriage”, it is far less significant than changes that […]