Uncertain IP leads to less innovation

We’ve been debating patents on the blog recently. Charlotte wrote about a really cool experiment that appeared to show that IP limits follow-on innovation. I previously wrote that the follow-on benefits of innovation were on net positive, because the effect of bringing what would otherwise be business secrets into the open outweighs the cost of […]

Piracy deal ahoy!

After years of impasse, UK Internet Service Providers and the copyright holders of the entertainment world look set to sign off an agreement on internet piracy. According to the Beeb  a ‘voluntary copyright alert programme’ is to be agreed. Under this, ISPs will identify the IP addresses of alleged copyright offenders and send them ‘educational’ […]

An alternative ‘Agenda for Hope’

Owen Jones has written a nine-point ‘Agenda for Hope’ that he argues would create a fairer society. Well, maybe. I’m not convinced by many of them. Then again, it would be quite surprising if I was. But it got me thinking about what my nine-point agenda would be — not quite my ‘perfect world’ policies, but […]

How Patent Trolls Kill Innovation