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TNG with Matthew Sinclair: How markets can beat climate change

Speaker: Matthew Sinclair

Date: Tuesday 7 May 2013

Time: 06:00pm - 07:30pm


Location: 23 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BL

Map: find us!

If you are tired of all the anti-free market flimflam doing the rounds in the climate change debate, then this is the TNG meeting for you! Matthew Sinclair will be setting out his stall on why the current approach is mistaken, and how free-market innovation is the only sustainable way of finding green solutions to global problems. Britain, he says, is investing enormous resources in cutting what amounts to well under two per cent of global emissions. As a country with considerable financial and technical assets we should focus on putting British scientists and engineers to work on developing better alternatives, rather than hitting poor consumers by adding to energy bills.

Mr Sinclair wrote ‘Let them Eat Carbon’ in 2011 to critical acclaim, and has developed a reputation as a resolute, yet balanced critic of UK environmental policy. In his day job he acts as the Chief Executive of the Tax Payers’ Alliance. He will stick around for discussion over a drink after his 10 minute speech.

This event is for under 30s.

The Next Generation: Patrick Hayes on 'Why we need more people'

Speaker: Patrick Hayes

Date: Tuesday 2 April 2013

Time: 06:00pm - 08:00pm


Location: Adam Smith Institute, 23 Great Smith Street, SW1P 3BL

Map: find us!

For our April TNG we will be joined by Patrick Hayes – he will speak on ‘Why we need more people’. He opposes the neo-Malthusian view that the world is over-populated, arguing that humans are not simply consumers but also producers – poverty is not therefore the result of overpopulation but underproduction. As always the speech will be short and the discussion over drinks long. Do rsvp if you are keen to come along.

Patrick Hayes is a London-based political journalist and commentator. He works for the online current affairs magazine Spiked and for think-tank the Institute of Ideas, where he is a producer of the Battle of Ideas, an annual international festival of debate and discussion. He regularly comments on political issues for range of local, national and international media outlets including BBC Radio, Sky News and Russia Today; and is a columnist for the Free Society. 

This event is for under 30s. 

ISOS Spring Sixth Form Conference

Date: Tuesday 19 March 2013

Time: 11:00am - 03:00pm


Location: Lower Hall, Emmanuel Centre, 9-23 Marsham Street, Westminster, SW1P 3DW

Map: find us!

The Independent Seminar on the Open Society (ISOS) is a free one-day seminar for sixth-formers, held in London twice a year. This March the conference will focus on free market economics. Topics covered will include:

Limits of knowledge - Dr Eamonn Butler, Director, Adam Smith Institute
Why we need more people - Brendan O'Neill, Spiked Online
The fallacy of evidence-based policy - Jamie Whyte, philosopher and writer
The private supply of public goods - Dr Tim Evans, Cobden Centre
Debate: Should we be able to sell our organs? - Dr Steve Davies, Institute of Economic Affairs vs John Feehally, International Society of Nephrology

Students are welcome to attend independently, or with teachers. Refreshments will be provided.

Double book launch: Heavens on Earth & Silver Dawn

Speaker: JP Floru & Dr Madsen Pirie

Date: Monday 18 March 2013

Time: 06:30pm - 08:30pm


Location: St Stephen's Club, 34 Queen Anne's Gate, London SW1H 9AB

Map: find us!

ASI Research Fellow JP Floru will be launching his new book 'Heavens on Earth: How to Create Mass Prosperity'.  In Heavens on Earth JP Floru shows how the West can reverse its current economic decline.  It takes a sweeping view of countries which have dramatically reformed their economies to create lasting high growth, introducing us to the remarkable individuals who made it happen. Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Chile, the United States and Germany after the war, China, and the Industrial Revolution in England all turned the tide from misery to plenty.  Heavens on Earth is a powerful plea for economic growth and the creation of mass prosperity to benefit all.

JP Floru is a Senior Research Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute and a prolific writer, speaker and blogger. He is active in politics and stood for the European Parliament for London in 2009 on a pro free market and Thatcherite platform.  Heavens on Earth is his second book.

Dr Madsen Pirie, ASI President, will also be launching his novel 'Silver Dawn'. It is the sequel to his previous book 'Children of the Night'.

The novel follows the adventures of Mark, a lowly cathedral boy who joins Children of the Night to attempt to bring down the rule of the corrupt Church and the oppressive aristocracy.

JP Floru and Dr Madsen Pirie will give a brief talk on their books and copies will be available for sale.

There will be a ten minute speech followed by drinks reception. 

Ending the War on Drugs


  • Christopher Snowdon, author and head of the IEA's Lifestyle Freedoms Unit
  • Simon Jenkins, journalist
  • Niamh Eastwood, Executive Director of Release

Date: Thursday 14 March 2013

Time: 06:30pm - 08:30pm


Location: St Stephen's Club, 34 Queen Anne's Gate, London SW1H 9AB

Map: find us!

The Adam Smith Institute will be holding a panel discussion looking at the next steps towards ending the War on Drugs, focusing on decriminalisation and legalisation. 

On the panel will be:

Baroness Meacher chaired the 2012 All Party Parliamentary Group on Drugs Policy. The group recommended the decriminalisation of drugs.

Simon Jenkins is a newspaper columnist, editor and author and is the current chairman of the National Trust. He has been an outspoken critic on the UK's drug policy and the failed war on drugs. 

Niamh Eastwood is the Executive Director of Release. Release campaigns for changes to UK drugs policy to bring about a fairer and more compassionate legal framework to manage drug use in our society. 

Doors will open at 6.30pm for a drinks reception with the discussion starting at 7pm sharp.

Unfortunately, Baroness Meacher has had to withdraw from this event due to illness. Author and journalist Christopher Snowdon will speak in her place.


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