‘Lessons from Adam Smith: The Need for a Scottish Alternative’

‘Lessons from Adam Smith: The Need for a Scottish Alternative’, with Scottish Conservative Party leader Ruth Davidson

Scotland may be home to the father of modern economics, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that the country has forgotten his legacy. Since taking control of the Scottish Parliament in 2007 the SNP have enjoyed a surge of support, and continue to pursue increasingly invasive laws and an economically statist agenda. Yet there remains hope: with the political collapse of Scottish Labour, the time for a new form of Scottish politics is nigh. To deliver a lecture on this Scottish alternative we are delighted to host Ruth Davidson MSP.

Ruth Davidson is the leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party and is viewed as Scotland’s own Iron Lady. Raised in a council estate and educated at Fife High School, Ruth studied English at Edinburgh University and International Development at Glasgow University. Working as a journalist, producer, presenter and reporter for BBC Scotland, she then served as a signaller in the Territorial Army for three years. Ruth stood for the Glasgow North East constituency in a 2009 by-election and the 2010 general election, before entering Holyrood as an MSP for Glasgow in 2011. The same year, she succeeded Annabel Goldie as party leader.

Ruth is popular for her efforts to revitalise the right-of-centre Party in Scotland—dubbed one of the toughest battles in British politics—and is seen as the only real opposition to the insurgent SNP. The feisty Glaswegian kickboxer has gained a young following for her witty Twitter banter and views on social issues. Recently she has gained notoriety for her campaigning to legalise gay marriage in Scotland, and her determined performance to keep Britain united in the lead up to last year’s Scottish independence referendum.

This lecture will be held in the George Thomas Room at Central Hall WestminsterStorey’s Gate, SW1H 9NH. Doors open at 6.30pm with a drink reception and the lecture will begin at 7.00pm.

To attend, please RSVP to events@adamsmith.org.


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