January TNG with Myles Jackman

We kick off the first TNG of 2015 with Myles Jackman, who will be discussing ‘the criminalization of written fantasy’. Myles is the only solicitor in the country to specialize in sexual liberties and obscenity law, and has been instrumental in challenging the legal framework in which sexual morality is represented. He made legal history as the first solicitor to be granted permission to live-tweet a criminal trial as it unfolded, and was Law Society Junior Lawyer of the Year 2012- 2013.

TNGs are informal gatherings held at our office in Westminster for under-30s. You can join the TNG network on facebook here.

Beyond Bitcoin: How peer-to-peer technology will revolutionise every aspect our lives

Whilst Bitcoin’s media hype and price volatility may be over, the technology behind it remains every bit as revolutionary. In this lecture, Preston will crack open the architecture of cryptocurrencies, and explain how their innovative, distributed structure can be applied to so much more than electronic payment.

Preston Byrne is co-founder and COO of Eris Industries, and a Fellow of the Adam Smith Institute.