April TNG – with Matthew Parris

For our April TNG we welcome Matthew Parris, who will give a talk “In Defence of the Elite”.

Parris is a journalist and former Conservative MP  West Derbyshire (1979 until 1986). He writes a weekly political column for The Times.

The Next Generation events are informal socials for the under-30s. To attend, please RSVP either via email or Facebook

Liberty Lecture with Emily Skarbek: Individualism, Feminism, and the Free Market

This very special Liberty Lecture will be delivered by Dr. Emily Skarbek, who will speaking on Individualism, Feminism and the Free Market.

Emily Skarbek is Lecturer in Political Economy at KCL. Her research is primarily interested in how individuals achieve social coordination in market relationships and social organisations – for example, the role of voluntary associations in solving public goods problems in the aftermath of natural disasters.

In March she was awarded a Gordon Tullock Prize for her paper published in the ‘Public Choice’ journal, titled ”The Chicago Fire of 1871: a bottom-up approach to disaster relief’. She holds an MA and PhD in Economics from George Mason University.

Doors are at 6pm, for a 6.20pm start. To attend, please RSVP to events@adamsmith.org.

Liberty Lectures are for the under-30s.

Liberty Lecture with Anthony J Evans: Markets for Managers

In this Liberty Lecture Anthony J Evans will provide an overview of some of the key insights of his new textbook on Managerial Economics, ‘Markets for Managers’. The focus will be on how to incorporate economic thinking into your decision making and how to recognise and create value on a daily basis.

Anthony J. Evans is a Senior Fellow of the Adam Smith Institute and Associate Professor of Economics at ESCP Europe Business School, specializing in Managerial Economics at the MBA and Executive MBA level. He is a member of the Institute of Economic Affairs’ Shadow Monetary Policy Committee, with appearances on broadsheet newspapers, BBC World Service and Newsnight. His new book, ‘Markets for Managers’ is out now.