Prof Anthony J Evans @ Adam Smith Institute

On Thursday February 4th, Prof Anthony J Evans will be speaking at the Adam Smith Institute on Monetary Policy.

Free market economic policy is often dismissed as being too utopian, and too unrealistic, whilst marginal improvements on the status quo are criticised for being tacit endorsements of the existing system. In this talk Anthony J. Evans will introduce his proposal for Sound Money, recently published by the Adam Smith Institute. In it, he provides a three step plan to not only improve existing policy, but move it towards an ultimate goal of free banking. Even amongst economists the ideas are radical and controversial, but monetary policy generates significant harm, and now that the Bank of England has abandoned its inflation target in all but name, it is time for change.

Whether you’re a student of economics or business, or part of the working world, this is not one to be missed. He will speak for around thirty minutes and take questions after that. I hope you can make it – please RSVP to if you can.
Anthony J. Evans is a Senior Fellow of the Adam Smith Institute and Associate Professor of Economics at ESCP Europe Business School, specialising in Managerial Economics at the MBA and Executive MBA level.

He is a member of the Institute of Economic Affairs’ Shadow Monetary Policy Committee, with appearances in broadsheet newspapers, and on BBC World Service and Newsnight. His new book, ‘Markets for Managers’ is out now, as well as his app game “Financial Crisis”.

Invitations to this event are strictly RSVP only. To request an invite, contact Ellie Weston:



February TNG with Christian May

Christian May, the editor of everyone’s favourite week-daily newspaper City AM, will be speaking at the ASI about his epic journey to the top rung of the media jungle ladder.

Within this broad topic, May will be talking about his time working on free-market causes in Westminster, how he made the leap into journalism, what City AM is about, what they cover and how they cover it.

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to see an exclusive lecture given by the man in charge of injecting editorial flare into London’s first, free daily business newspaper.

This talk is without a doubt essential for journalistic hopefuls and will be a great insight into the inner workings of a business-oriented media machine.
He will speak for around thirty minutes and take any questions you may have after that.

We hope you can make it – please RSVP to