Could deflation be salvation? The case for productivity driven deflation

Speaker: George Selgin

Date: Tuesday 28 May 2013

Time: 06:30pm - 08:00pm


Location: Adam Smith Institute, 23 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BL

Map: find us!

At a time when monetary policy is top of the agenda, the Adam Smith Institute hosts a leading monetary economist who will outline a bold plan for reform. 

Professor George Selgin argues that deflation is not always bad, and outlines his plan to replace inflation targeting with a 'productivity norm' that would allow prices to fall when productivity increases. He distinguishes between 'good deflation' which is associated with technological progress reducing the cost of production, and 'bad deflation', which is caused by a fall in aggregate demand. 

He is an outspoken critic of central banks claiming that they have a destabilising influence on financial systems. His speech will be followed by a Q&A session, and guests will have an opportunity to talk to him over drinks afterwards. 

George Selgin is Professor of Economics at the University of Georgia and a founder of the influential and growing free banking school. He is a senior fellow of the Cato Institute. Renowned for his bold rhetoric and no-nonsense debating style, Mr Selgin will be an engaging speaker addressing a topical subject. This is not one to miss!

* This event is now being held at the Adam Smith Institute, and not in Church House as previously advertised (which is just next door).

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