Dr Eamonn Butler at the Hay Festival

Date: Sunday 24 May 2009

Time: 12:00pm - 06:00pm

Banks, Bonuses and Inequality (12pm)

Phillip Blond, Eamonn Butler, Fabienne Peter David Goodhart chairs

Widespread outrage has been the response to the “bonus culture" of big banks. What is at issue here? Is it the sheer scale of such bonuses, or the reward for failure and the lack of merit that is the problem?  What sort of equality do we want: that of opportunity, or outcome?

The Limits of Freedom (5pm)

Will Hutton, Eamonn Butler, David Goodhart Fabienne Peter chairs

Laisséz faire capitalism is in retreat. The burst of the economic bubble has rallied calls for increased regulation from all sides and with it demands to control individual excess. To what extent should freedoms be limited?  Who regulates the regulators?  And is there a danger that we will jump from the frying pan to the fire?

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