Evening Lecture with Dr Tara Smith

Speaker: Dr Tara Smith

Date: Thursday 19 May 2011

Time: 06:30pm - 08:30pm

RSVP: events@adamsmith.org

Location: Convocation Hall, Church House, Dean's Yard, Westminster, SW1P 3NZ


"The Pursuit of Happiness – and Tools Essential to Attaining It"

Dr Tara Smith is an objectivist and professor of philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin. She is the current holder of the BB&T Chair for the Study of Objectivism and will be talking on the pursuit of happiness and the tools essential to attaining it.She specializes in moral and political theory and has published works including Viable Values: A Study of Life as the Root and Reward of Morality (2000), Moral Rights and Political Freedom (1995), and Ayn Rand's Normative Ethics: The Virtuous Egoist (2006). Tara is a member of the Ayn Rand Society and is affiliated with the Ayn Rand Institute

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