Prof George Selgin: The Anachronism of State-Controlled Money

Speaker: Prof. George Selgin

Date: Wednesday 2 March 2011

Time: 04:00pm - 06:00pm


Location: Robert Runcie Room, Church House, Dean's Yard, Westminster, SW1P 3NZ


In this lecture Professor Selgin will address 'the anachronism of state-controlled money' and introduce attendees to the idea of 'free banking', a system in which there is no central bank and no legally enforced monopoly currency. According to its advocates, adopting a genuinely free market approach to banking would produce greater financial and economic stability.

George Selgin is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, an Associate Editor at Econ Journal Watch and a Professor of Economics in the Terry College of Business in the University of Georgia. Selgin is one of the founders of the Modern Free Banking School, which draws its inspiration from the writings of Hayek on the denationalization of money and choice in currency. He has written extensively on free banking, the private supply of money and deflation.

George Selgin is the author of The Theory of Free Banking: Money Supply under Competitive Note Issue (1988), Less Than Zero: The Case for a Falling Price Level in a Growing Economy (1997), and Good Money: Birmingham Button Makers, the Royal Mint, and the Beginnings of Modern Coinage (2008).

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