TNG with Matthew Sinclair: How markets can beat climate change

Speaker: Matthew Sinclair

Date: Tuesday 7 May 2013

Time: 06:00pm - 07:30pm


Location: 23 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BL

Map: find us!

If you are tired of all the anti-free market flimflam doing the rounds in the climate change debate, then this is the TNG meeting for you! Matthew Sinclair will be setting out his stall on why the current approach is mistaken, and how free-market innovation is the only sustainable way of finding green solutions to global problems. Britain, he says, is investing enormous resources in cutting what amounts to well under two per cent of global emissions. As a country with considerable financial and technical assets we should focus on putting British scientists and engineers to work on developing better alternatives, rather than hitting poor consumers by adding to energy bills.

Mr Sinclair wrote ‘Let them Eat Carbon’ in 2011 to critical acclaim, and has developed a reputation as a resolute, yet balanced critic of UK environmental policy. In his day job he acts as the Chief Executive of the Tax Payers’ Alliance. He will stick around for discussion over a drink after his 10 minute speech.

This event is for under 30s.

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