Are hipsters the new aristocracy? | ASI paper “The New Aristocrats” features on the Spectator

The ASI paper “The New Aristocrats”, has been featured in the Spectator Coffee House:

In the absence of more obvious class indicators, political views now project status more than ever before. This is the subject of an interesting new paper by Ryan Murphy for the Adam Smith Institute, which suggests that hipsters are a sort of new aristocracy. It looks at hipster fashion for ‘authenticity’ and opposition to mass production, and suggests it is part of a new elitism.

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ASI paper “The New Aristocrats” features in the Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph

The Adam Smith Institute’s latest paper “The New Aristocrats” has featured in the Sunday Times and the Telegraph for its argument that virtue signalling is the new way to define yourself as part of the ‘elite’ in society.

From the Times:

There’s a new “virtue-signalling”, identified in a report published last week by the free-market think tank the Adam Smith Institute, which means that nobody is buying flashy cars, clothes or jewellery to flaunt their status any more.

The new aristocrats, as the report’s author, the US professor Ryan Murphy, calls them, are the bohemian bourgeoisie and hipsters who live in rapidly gentrifying areas (the very ones where you are likely to find Waitrose and Poundland on the same street).

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and from the Telegraph:

What do you do to impress these days? How do you flaunt your status in 2016? Because the rules are not what they were, according to a report from economists last week; you could say they’ve been flipped on their head.

Flashing the cash in these old familiar ways no longer impresses because – according to the Adam Smith Institute – too many people are in on the act, and so, the mood of what is successful has shifted.

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Rand Paul: Farewell to the most interesting man in US politics | Kate Andrews writes for City AM

Head of Communications and research associate at the ASI, Kate Andrews, has written an article for City AM on Rand Paul’s shock withrdrawl from the Republican nominee race.

Paul will be missed in this race, especially during the primary debates. Though his campaign failed to gain traction among voters, the presence of a liberty-minded constitutionalist won the praise of conservatives and moderates alike, who valued Paul’s contributions on cautious foreign policy, police accountability, and drug reform.

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Ben Southwood discusses ASI paper “The New Aristocrats” on BBC Radio Scotland

Head of research at the ASI, Ben Southwood, was on BBC Radio Scotland discussing our new paper “The New Aristocrats”.

We’ve gotten richer and richer, and nowadays, most people or at least many people can afford larger cars, and in some places larger houses and more jewellery. These have become cheaper and we have become richer, so these have become less fruitful ways of showing off that you are special, whereas working out what are the most ethical products to buy and what the most appropriate politically correct terms are is much harder.

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Sam Bowman discusses the inflation report on Sky News

Executive director at the ASI, Sam Bowman, was on Sky News discussing the latest inflation report. Watch the full interview here: