Kate Andrews critiques modern feminism on Sky News

Kate Andrews, Head of Communications at the Adam Smith Institute, took part in a debate on modern feminism on Sky News, critiquing the divisive nature of the movement.

Feminism like any other ism, like Marxism or Liberalism, has to be taken as a political movement, so it isn’t the case that if you believe in equality between men and women you’re automatically a feminist. You have to look at their policies and who their leaders are, and at the moment I think its one of the most divisive and exclusionary groups out there.


Ben Southwood on BBC Radio Oxford discussing gender wage gaps

Head of Research at the Adam Smith Institute, Ben Southwood, discusses gender pay gaps and discrimination against women for top jobs on BBC Radio Oxford. He argues that although discrepancies exist, they are usually for legitimate reasons.

Women get approved for applications for top academic roles at a higher rate than men, its just that far fewer women apply.

Listen to the full interview here. (starts 1:25:15)

IB Times interview Sam Bowman on the benefits of TTIP

Deputy director of the ASI, Sam Bowman, was interviewed by the IB Times on why we should be in favour of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Bowman acknowledged the GDP figures could be “a little bit exaggerated and optimistic” as he expects governments to push for exceptions – as it happened in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – but says the deal could instead bring 0.25% or 0.33% to the EU growth rate.

“0.25% or 0.33% is still a lot of money. 0.5% means an extra £400 in the pockets of every British family”

Watch the full interview and read the associated article here.

ASI research on government owned property features in the Sunday Express

The Adam Smith Institute has featured in an article for the Sunday Express entitled “The Home Front”, which discusses recent government decisions to sell off publicly owned old buildings and military land.

Old airfields, barracks and even polo fields have also been up for sale and the Adam Smith Institute says the MoD still has £70 billion worth of buildings and land in central London.

Adam Smith Institute features in City AM article on migration

The Adam Smith Institute was featured in City AM for our pro-migration stance.

Thankfully, others are more intelligent in their assess­ment of the forces at play. For a start, the Adam Smith Institute, which has long campaigned on the benefits of migra­tion to states facing demographic pressures, has proposed policies aimed at supporting just such a movement.
 Read the full article here.