Media on the Tobin Tax

18 August 2011

In print and online

The release of the Adam Smith Institute's latest report 'Tobin Tax: Reason or Treason?' coincided with Merkel and Sarkozy's announcement in favour of a European financial transactions tax. The report received considerable media attention.

Below are some of the highlights:

Reuters - Flawed financial tax could raise volatility - UK think tank
Daily Mail - Sarkozy and Merkel announce plans for closer EU integration
Daily Telegraph - Government would veto tax on financial transactions
The Guardian - European markets hit by eurozone Robin Hood tax plans
The Sun - City levy suicide
City AM - Tobin tax would be suicide, report says
Spectator - Tobin's Folly
FT Alphaville - The Tobin Tax lives on - part two
ConservativeHome - A Tobin tax would be economic disaster


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