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Lib-Dems to let 1.3m low earners avoid paying tax

22 February 2013

Following on from the Adam Smith Institute's call to raise the personal allowance to minimum wage level, Danny Alexander MP tells the Evening Standard he wants this policy to be a Lib Dem pledge for the next election. 


Tax avoidance

20 February 2013

Dr Eamonn Butler talks about tax avoidance on BBC Radio WM.


Madsen on BBC Daily Politics discussing Capitalism and Marxism

15 February 2013

Dr Madsen Pirie, the ASI's President,  appears on Daily Politics to defend capitalism and argue that it has lifted more people out of poverty than any other force in human history. He argues that Karl Marx got it wrong and that when a country experiences economic growth, through capitalism, then everyone benefits, from the richest to the poorest. 


Social care reforms

12 February 2013

Dr Eamonn Butler talks on BBC Radio Five's Tony Livesey show on the government's policy of introducing a £75,000 cap on social care spending for the elderly.



Gay or straight, marriage should be out of the hands of the state

6 February 2013

Sam Bowman argues in The Guardian that marriage should be taken out of the hands of the state and privatised.


Too much cash for wind farms

4 February 2013

The ASI's report on 'The Limits of Windpower' received widespread print and online coverage. 


Would new taxes on alcohol and pop make you drink less?

29 January 2013

Dr Eamonn Butler is a guest on BBC Radio Wales discussing the negative impact of minimum alcohol pricing and a 20p per litre sugary drinks tax. 


Eamonn on BBC Breakfast TV on a fizzy drinks tax

29 January 2013

Dr Eamonn Butler argues on BBC Breakfast TV that a 20p tax per litre on fizzy drinks would  be a terrible idea. Government should not micromanage our lives and people do not want more taxes introduced. The tax would just lead to more bureaucracy and hit poor families hardest.


Does business have a responsibility beyond making a profit?

28 January 2013

Sam Bowman goes on BBC World Service's 'In the Balance' and discuss corporate social responsibility and whether businesses should feel obliged to give back to society. He argues that a business's first priority should be its shareholders and CSR may come at the cost of business profit and the returns to shareholders. He also discusses tax avoidance and other topical issues on this 30min programme.

You can listen to the full discussion here


Get the government out of the marriage business

22 January 2013

Sam Bowman writes on PoliticsHome that in the debate over gay marriage, both sides have missed the point. The government should privatise marriage, making the whole gay marriage debate redundant. 



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