ASI Senior Fellow debates corporation tax in the New York Times

The Adam Smith Institute’s Senior Fellow, Tim Worstall, was featured in the ‘Room for Debate’ section of the New York Times, arguing that corporate taxation is inefficient.

Read the article here.

Tax inversions do not change the taxation of profits made inside America one whit, not by one red cent. Under law, AbbVie, Walgreens, or any other company would still pay exactly the same amount of U.S. taxes on their profits made in the U.S. after an inversion as they were before. That part of the debate is simply a red herring.

The broader problem is the corporate income tax.

ASI Senior Fellow is running for Parliament in New Zealand

Dr Jamie Whyte, Senior Fellow of the Adam Smith Institute, is running as the ACT candidate in Pakuranga – one of New Zealand’s 63 parliamentary electorates.

Dr Whyte was elected ACT Leader in February. Since then he has been travelling around the country meeting New Zealanders and talking about ACT’s key messages of low, flat tax, cutting green tape, getting tough on crime, and “one country, one law.”

Read more on the Pakuranga election here.

Sam Bowman discusses the benefits of rolling back London’s Green Belt on BBC London Radio

The Adam Smith Institute’s Research Director, Sam Bowman, spoke to BBC London Radio’s Breakfast Show about the benefits of rolling back London’s Green Belt to make more green space affordable and accessible to London residents.

Listen to the interview here.

Sam’s short film for BBC London News on the Green Belt will air  tonight at 6:30 PM.