Sam Bowman’s comments on the UK’s housing crisis feature in the Daily Mirror

Deputy Director Sam Bowman’s comments on the UK housing crisis feature in the Daily Mirror.

Experts say that the reason the scheme is not working is that it fuels house price rises putting home ownership out of the reach of many.

The maximum purchase price for a home under the scheme is £600,000.

Sam Bowman of the Adam Smith Institute think tank said: “The housing market is suffering from insufficient supply.”

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ASI blog “Britain needs more slums” features in the Independent

An Adam Smith Institute blog, written by the 2015 winner of our Young Writer on Liberty award, has featured in The Independent:

“Britain has a sore lack of proper slums,” argued Clifford, winner of the 18-21 age category of the Institute’s “Young Writer on Liberty” competition. “Government regulations designed to clamp down on ‘cowboy landlords’ restrict people’s ability to choose the kind of accommodation in which they want to live.”

Clifford suggested that communal living would be more attractive to young people, admitting that he too was struggling to get on the housing ladder.

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Kate Andrews’s comments on the London tube strike feature in The Daily Mail

Head of Communications Kate Andrews’s comments on today’s tube strike were featured in The Daily Mail.

Kate Andrews, of the free-market Adam Smith Institute, said commuters would be shocked at striking Tube drivers earning twice as much as those operating buses.

She said: ‘Today’s strikers have a cushier salary and benefit package than many of those who take the Tube to work – and yet those less well-off are inconvenienced once again.’

The quote was also used in a Mail Online article here.