Director of The Entrepreneurs Network writes for City AM

Director of The Entrepreneurs Network, Philip Salter, writes for City AM – “The workspace, the incubator, and the accelerator: What you need to know”

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“It’s a truism of entrepreneurship that the road to riches is full of at least as many lows as highs. That’s why many entrepreneurs don’t take the leap until they meet the right partner to jump into business with. This isn’t just about co-founders having complementary skills; the support of a business partner can be invaluable. For better or worse, it is often the difference between giving up and persevering.”

Ben Southwood is quoted in City AM on the Bank of England’s inflation policy

The Adam Smith Institue’s Head of Policy, Ben Southwood, was quoted in City AM this morning on the Bank of England’s inflation policy.

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“Ben Southwood, head of policy at the Adam Smith Institute, argues the opposite. “Under half of the population can tell you who sets the base interest rate”, says Southwood, implying that policy simply isn’t well understood. As for working well throughout the business cycle, he says that a regime of inflation targeting has seen spending growth “anemic” since the financial crisis. NGDP growth still remains below its long-term trend.”

Ben Southwood writes on NGDP targeting for Conservative Home

The Adam Smith Institute’s Head of Policy, Ben Southwood, wrote a comment piece for Conservative Home about the importance of nominal GDP targeting.

His article follows the annual Adam Smith Lecture, at which Prof Scott Sumner delivered an address on the same topic.

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“Monetary policy may seem dry, but it has the power to put economies on life support, or if done correctly, bring them back to life.”

Dr Eamonn Butler is quoted in the Telegraph

Dr Eamonn Butler, Director of the Adam Smith Institute, was mentioned in Sue Cameron’s article on the disconnect between Whitehall and policy makers.

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“Margaret Thatcher was an Oxford graduate but she used to boast that “I never let it hold me back”. When she was PM, the university spitefully refused to give her an honorary degree. Now, though, attitudes there are changing. Earlier this year the Oxford Union held a debate on the motion: “This House believes that Margaret Thatcher saved Britain.” I was one of the speakers supporting the motion in a team led by Tom King and ably supported by the Tory MP Conor Burns and Eamonn Butler, director of the Adam Smith Institute.

“All of us struggled to make the students understand what life had been like in the Seventies, with endless strikes and nationalised industries that had no concept of competition or consumer choice. The clincher came from Butler, who said: “It was like North Korea – but without the hope.” The motion was carried by 176 to 103.

Ben Southwood debates corporation tax in City AM

Head of Policy at the Adam Smith Institute, Ben Southwood, wrote a debate piece for City AM arguing that all corporation tax should be abolished as soon as possible.

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“Cutting corporation tax on small businesses is a start, but it would be better to get rid of it altogether.”