Kate Andrews debates the ban on smoking in cars on BBC’s Mark Forrest Show

Head of Communications, Kate Andrews, took part in a debate on whether or not the law banning smoking in cars with children present is justified or not. Kate disagrees with the law, arguing it’s a waste of police time and that the research it is based on is not completely sound. The debate aired on all 39 local BBC radio stations in England and the Channel Islands.

It isn’t the case that we should be saying that its completely fine for parents to smoke in front of their children, and with their children in any situation, what we’re asking is whether or not the police should be getting involved. Is this something so bad that its worth criminalising?

Listen to the full interview here. (Starts 01:12:52)


Have Courage To Be Contrarian| Sam Bowman for Sky News

Deputy Director of the Adam Smith Institute, Sam Bowman, was on Sky News Morning Stories, encouraging people to be more contrarian in how they live their life.

Contrarians are always willing to say maybe we’re wrong. It always pays to keep an open mind, even when we think its totally obvious whats true.

Sam argues it’s beneficial to question things you’re told, and lists 4 easy steps on how to do so.

Watch the full clip here.