Ben Southwood’s comments on the tax credit cuts feature in The Week

Head of Research at the ASI, Ben Southwood, has had his comments on the tax credit cuts featured in The Week:

Some are even calling for this to be catalyst for more radical change. Writing in City AM, the Adam Smith Institute’s Ben Southwood called for tax credits to be replaced by a “negative income tax”

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ASI features in the New Statesman for our opposition to the tax credit cuts

The Adam Smith Institute has featured in the New Statesman for our opposition to the Conservative’s tax credit cuts:

A grand alliance has condemned George Osborne’s planned cuts to tax credits: Labour, the Sun, the work and pensions select committee, Tory backbenchers, Boris Johnson and the Adam Smith Institute. Today, it was the turn of their creator: Gordon Brown.

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Dr. Eamonn Butler’s joint letter on a new runway at Heathrow is featured in the Sunday Telegraph

Dr. Eamonn Butler’s joint letter regarding the expansion of Heathrow airport was featured in the Sunday Telegraph.

SIR – As business leaders, we welcome the news (report, November 8) that the Prime Minister is preparing to back a new runway at Heathrow. However, despite this decision, it seems the Government may be drawn into yet another lengthy consultation on aviation capacity, resulting in further delays and uncertainty.

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Kate Andrews writes for City AM on Hillary Clinton’s gender problem

Head of Communications at the Adam Smith Institute, Kate Andrews, writes a fortnightly column for City AM on events and issues surrounding the US presidential primaries. This week her focus is on Hillary Clinton’s tendency to play the ‘woman card’ to try and advance her campaign.

She has deluded herself into thinking that the woman card alone can win her the Oval Office. Clinton has been using feminine and feminist rhetoric for years to propel her campaigns. She has never shied away from using pay gap stats (both legitimate and debunked) to promote feminist policies and, most recently, her “grandmother glow” became one of her most repeated catchphrases for book tour talks and stump speeches.
But since the launch of her presidential bid, Clinton has been playing up the woman card outrageously, emphasising gender over policy and claiming victimhood status to demote her opponents.
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ASI comments on tax credit cuts feature in The Mirror

The Adam Smith Institute has featured in The Mirror for our position against the tax credit cuts.

For example the right-wing Adam Smith Institute states: “Working tax credits are the best form of welfare we have and cutting them would be a huge mistake.”

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