Kate Andrews comments on YouGov’s nationalism poll in CityAM

Head of Communications at the Adam Smith Institute Kate Andrews was quoted in City AM on YouGov’s recent nationalisation poll.

Head of Communications at the free market Adam Smith Institute, Kate Andrews, told City A.M.:

YouGov’s poll question was rooted in fantasy: it’s easy to choose ideology over pragmatism when you’re guaranteed a high standard of service in either case. But the public and private sector do not offer the same standards of service.

Railways, utilities, and many of the other services polled by YouGov have proven to be more expensive and less efficient when run by the state. As long as policy is determined by ideological biases towards providers, consumers will continue to get the short end of the stick.

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Press Release: Labour’s energy policy misconceived and irresponsible

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Commenting on Ed Miliband’s upcoming announcement on energy policy, Deputy Director of the Adam Smith Institute Sam Bowman said:

The recent collapse in wholesale oil prices and the resulting fall in retail energy prices has highlighted Labour’s price freeze policy as misconceived and irresponsible. Energy companies raised prices when Labour first announced this policy and it is possible that prices would be falling more quickly now if these firms did not have to safeguard against a price freeze under a Labour government.

According to Ofgem, 46% of the cost of a dual fuel bill is wholesale costs, which British energy firms have no control over at all. Network costs, operating costs and taxes account for almost all the rest of energy bills, with only 5% going to energy firms as profit.

Fixing a price that is almost entirely driven by shifts in the global market is stupid and counterproductive and is likely only to hurt consumers through brownouts and higher prices in the long term.

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Author of ASI paper “The Green Noose” argues for rolling back the Green Belt on BBC Radio 4

Senior Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute and author of “The Green Noose: An analysis of Green Belts and proposals for reform”, Tom Papworth, spoke to BBC Radio 4 about the benefits of rolling back the green belt to make room for the millions of homes needed to solve London’s housing crisis.

Listen to the interview here. (Starts 05:52)

The ASI report, The Green Noose: An analysis of Green Belts and proposals for reform, looks at the Green Belt’s impact on England’s housing shortage. After a comprehensive review of the causes of the housing crisis, it concludes that the planning structure is out of date and in need of radical reform.