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FCA should be 'terminated at birth' suggests think tank

29 October 2012

The Daily Telegraph cover our latest report 'Strangled at Birth' on why the FCA is not fit for purpose and should be scrapped in favour of a stronger consumer ombudsman. 


NI contributions cost jobs, says think tank

22 October 2012

The Financial Times and The Times cover our report 'Unburdening Enterprise', which looks at radical steps the government could take to accomodate more growth in SMEs.


Government should cut business regulations for Britain to succeed

22 October 2012

Sam Bowman writes on ConservativeHome on the ASI's report 'Unburdening Enterprise'. He details its proposals to exempt small businesses from employer's NI contributions and to exempt them from any further business regulations coming out of the EU. 


Politicians shouldn't meddle with energy prices

19 October 2012

Dr Eamonn Butler writes on the Spectator CoffeeHouse blog on Cameron's announcement to force energy companies to give customers the lowest tariff. 


Less regulation and lower taxes 'help struggling businesses'

17 October 2012

Dr Eamonn Butler writes in a business supplement for the Daily Telegraph on the need for the government to help businesses by simplifying and lowering taxes and tacklng the burden of regulation. 


Banking must return to '19th century' principles

21 September 2012

Our latest report calling for bank executives to face greater liability for losses is reported in the Daily Telegraph.


Time to reject false choices and fears about immigration

17 September 2012

Sam Bowman writes in the New Statesman on the need for open borders to make the world's poorest better off and unlock the talent of more people.


UK's Osborne 'not delivering' on supply-side cuts

4 September 2012

Sam Bowman talks on Bloomberg TV on the cabinet reshuffle. He argues that Osborne has not done enough to encourage economic growth and needs to change his policy. The change of personalities at the top of departments is irrelevant if policy remains the same. The government needs to make deeper cuts,  reduce business and labour regulation and free up the planning system to allow economic growth.

You can watch his interview here

New infrastructure cannot dig us from our economic hole

24 August 2012

Dr Eamonn Butler writes in City AM on why we should focus on paying down debt rather than throwing money at infrastructure projects in an attempt to boost employment


The Economics of the Madhouse

21 August 2012

Dr Eamonn Butler writes a letter to The Guardian arguing that it would be a terrible idea for the government to start spending on big infrastructure projects. 



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