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Why the tax take fell when top rate went up to 50%

5 March 2012

Dr Eamonn Butler writes in the Mail on Sunday on why tax take fell when the 50p tax was introduced and argues that a government running a huge deficit must cut tax rates. 


Media on our plain packaging report

20 February 2012

The release of the Adam Smith Institute's report 'Plain packaging: Commercial expression, anti-smoking extremism and the risks of hyper-regulation' received widespread media attention. Below are some of our media highlights.


Government Cannot Create Sustainable Jobs

3 February 2012

Arnold Kling writes in Wall Street Journal Europe on his report for the Adam Smith Institute: 'Patterns of Sustainable Specialization and Trade'. He argues against the Keynesian argument that government should create jobs to tackle unemployment and that we should look to the theories of Adam Smith and David Ricardo when understanding employment patterns. 


The Eurozone will implode, but it isn’t too late to learn from past monetary unions

2 February 2012

John Chown writes in City AM on his paper for the Adam Smith Institute on the Eurozone and what we can learn from past monetary unions. 


Gay marriage won't make the world stop turning

31 January 2012

JP Floru writes in the Telegraph in favour of legalising gay marriage


Eamonn Butler on Daily Politics

30 January 2012

Dr Eamonn Butler appears on Daily Politics arguing that businesses should not be spending time and budget on CSR projects. Ahead of an RSA report calling for enlightened capitalism, Eamonn argues that businesses should focus on doing what they do best and maximising profit for their owners and shareholders.

You can watch Eamonn on Daily Politics here (at approx. 22mins in)

Sam on Jeremy Vine Show on economic growth

25 January 2012

Sam Bowman took part in a discussion on BBC Radio 2 with the Post-Growth Institute, arguing that we do not want to end up like Japan and that economic growth is essential if we want to better our lives and provide opportunity for future generations. He argues that economic growth lifts people out of poverty and that a stagnant economy results in high unemployment and that the Post-Growth Institute are wrong to insist that zero growth isn't a bad thing. 

You can listen to him here (from approx 8minutes in)

HS2: A £33bn waste of money, or not?

24 January 2012

Following Justine Greening's announcement on High Speed Rail the Metro interviewed Sam Bowman on why HS2 will be a huge waste of taxpayers money. 


Moral Capitalism

19 January 2012

In response to David Cameron's speech on moral capitalism, Sam Bowman went on BBC News Channel arguing that the government's plans for encouraging mutuals was a good idea and should be applied to public services. Dr Eamonn Butler also went on BBC World Have Your Say, talking about the morality of capitalism and arguing that the free market economy is fair and worthwhile. It is actually politicians in distort the economy.

You can listen to Eamonn's interview here (from approx. 31mins in)


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