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Sky News: Should 50 Tax Rate Stay?

5 September 2011

Dr Madsen Pirie went on Sky News to argue that the 50p tax rate should be abolished, while Tony Dolphin from the IPPR claimed the tax should be here to stay.

You can watch the a clip of the debate on Sky News here.


The autonomy and accountability of Free Schools will ensure they succeed

6 September 2011

Dr Eamonn Butler writes in ConservativeHome on why the government's Free Schools programme will succeed as human nature breaks through the tarmac of state control.


In defence of tax havens

25 August 2011

Tom writes on the importance of low tax jurisdictions and why tax competition is a good thing on ConservativeHome.


Media on the Tobin Tax

18 August 2011

In print and online

The release of the Adam Smith Institute's latest report 'Tobin Tax: Reason or Treason?' coincided with Merkel and Sarkozy's announcement in favour of a European financial transactions tax. The report received considerable media attention.


Iconoclasts, Radio 4: Is inherited wealth bad for the nation?

17 August 2011

Dr Madsen Pirie went on Radio 4's Iconoclasts to debate against Julian Le Grand, LSE Professor of Social Policy and one of the thinkers behind New Labour.


City Supertax

17 August 2011

Sam Bowman criticises plans for a Europe-wide Tobin Tax in City AM.


Only spending cuts will save us from the financial abyss

14 August 2011

Dr Eamonn Butler writes on the turmoil in the world's financial markets in the Sunday Post. He argues that governments need to convince investors that they are getting their spending out of control.


Review of Condensed Wealth of Nations

11 August 2011

Philip Salter reviews Eamonn's latest book The Condensed Wealth of Nations in City AM.


PM, Radio 4: Are politicians to blame for market turmoil?

8 August 2011

Dr Eamonn Butler went on Radio 4's PM programme to discuss the turmoil in the financial markets and the need for governments to get to grips with their economic policies. Eamonn argues that the markets have lost faith in the ability of politicians to sort the mess out. Governments must make plans to pay off their debt, have honest money and live within their means.

You can listen to him here (at around 35mins into the programme). 


Jeremy Vine Show: growth and the recession

26 July 2011

Tom Clougherty went on BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine Show to discuss Britain's poor economic growth figures, arguing that we don't need a 'Plan B' – in fact, all we need is for the government to maintain a stable monetary environment, and then get out of the way as markets adjust.

You can listen to him here (about 5 minutes into the programme).



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