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More coverage for our work on Scottish independence

18 February 2014

Sam's work on Scottish monetary arrangements if they went independent was covered further: on, the Scottish Evening Times, the International Business Timespro-Independence blogs (also here, and here), Realradio Scotland. He also debated Mark Wallace over whether these should and would worry Scots and change the course of the referendum.

Read Dr. Eamonn Butler's blog post on the issue here. And Read Sam's blog post here.

Sam's comments on Scottish independence and sterling widely featured

13 February 2014

ASI research director Sam Bowman's comment that Scotland could keep the pound without British consent was widely carried: in the Scottish Sun, twice in the Guardian, in at least 24 local papers, in The Herald, and on

Read his whole statement here.

Madsen argues that technology will not destroy white collar jobs

10 February 2014

ASI President Dr. Madsen Pirie made the case, in City A.M.'s debate section, that new technology will not destroy jobs permanently.

Read his argument here.

Sam Bowman debates Will Hutton on the minimum wage

7 February 2014

Our Research Director Sam Bowman debates the minimum wage with political economist and author Will Hutton on the BBC World Service.

Starts at 7:06. This was also aired on Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio.

Research director Sam writes for City A.M.

5 February 2014

Our research director Sam Bowman writes in City A.M.'s forum section how San Francisco's housing problem is not driven by wealthy tech workers—but government.

Read the whole piece here.

Lars in City AM

30 January 2014

Senior Fellow Lars Christensen explains what's going on in emerging markets in City A.M.

Read the whole thing here.

Free schools report mentioned in the Guardian

30 January 2014

James Croft's report, which argued that free schools would make little difference unless the profit motive was allowed to operate, was mentioned in a Guardian article by Lola Okolosie.

Read the guardian piece here. Get the full report here.

Iain Dale mentions ASI work on NHS in a speech

28 January 2014

2013 radio presenter of the year Iain Dale mentioned the ASI's 2011 work on the NHS in a 45 minute lecture given in Romford.

Read the text of the lecture here. Read the 2011 report here.

Eamonn quoted in the Sunday Times

26 January 2014

Adam Smith Institute Direction Dr. Eamonn Butler was quoted in a feature in the Sunday Times, explaining how inequality is a feature of rapid economic growth, hence the many billionaires being created in China.

Read the (paywalled) piece here.


Letter from Sam Bowman featured in the FT

20 January 2014

A letter from ASI research director Sam Bowman, arguing for greater focus on demand-side stabilisation in macroeconomic policy.

Read the letter here.



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