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Eamonn quoted in the Sunday Times

26 January 2014

Adam Smith Institute Direction Dr. Eamonn Butler was quoted in a feature in the Sunday Times, explaining how inequality is a feature of rapid economic growth, hence the many billionaires being created in China.

Read the (paywalled) piece here.


Letter from Sam Bowman featured in the FT

20 January 2014

A letter from ASI research director Sam Bowman, arguing for greater focus on demand-side stabilisation in macroeconomic policy.

Read the letter here.


Eamonn's letter featured in City A.M.

20 January 2014

A letter from ASI Director Dr. Eamonn Butler was featured in City A.M. In it, he argues against the claim there is much competition in UK banking.

Read the letter here.


ASI work on alcohol minimum pricing referenced in Spectator

18 January 2014

James Delingpole referenced John C. Duffy and Chris Snowdon's work on minimum alcohol pricing in a Spectator article.

Read the piece here. Get the full research paper here. 

ASI minimum wage comment quoted by Press Association

17 January 2014

The Adam Smith Institute's comment on George Osborne's minimum wage proposal was carried by the Press Assocation.

See their piece, featured on the Huffington Post as well as many local papers, here.

Tim Worstall writes in City A.M.

15 January 2014

ASI fellow Tim Worstall explains the problems with the French approach to economic management in City A.M.

Read the article here.

ASI immigration research mentioned in Wall Street Journal

10 January 2014

Dalibor Rohac, in a piece for the US Wall Street Journal's editorial page, quoted Sam Bowman, who described the UK's immigration restrictions as the modern version of the corn laws.

Read the article here.

Three BMJ blog posts mention ASI work on minimum alcohol pricing

8 January 2014

The BMJ refers to the ASI's work by Chris Snowdon and John C Duffy on minimum alcohol pricing.

See the pieces here, here and here.

Sam argues against buying British in City A.M.

8 January 2014

In a City A.M. debate, Research Director Sam Bowman says there's no obligation to buy British.

See the debate here.

The Week quotes ASI minimum wage comment

7 January 2014

Research director Sam Bowman's comment on George Osborne's minimum wage proposals was quoted in The Week.

Read the article here.


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