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Sam in City A.M.

23 April 2013

Research director Sam Bowman wrote a piece in City A.M. defending the earnings of boy-band One Direction, by way of Robert Nozick's famous 1973 "Wilt Chamberlain" thought experiment.

Read the whole thing here.


Eamonn in the Independent

23 April 2013

Dr. Eamonn Butler's letter, arguing that councils should allow firms to cluster and take advantage of network effects, appeared in the Independent.

Read the whole thing at the top of the pager here.


Madsen in City AM

23 April 2013

Dr. Madsen Pirie debates in City A.M. with Victor Bulmer-Thomas, arguing that domestic policy - not foreign policy - was where Margaret Thatcher had her most important achievements.

You can read the full debate here.


Madsen on the Today programme

9 April 2013

Madsen Pirie argues on Today that Thatcher is responsible for having given the individual a stake in the nation, and for effecting a fundamental psychological shift among Britons.

You can hear the full interview here 1hr16mins in.

Christian leaders should encourage voluntary charity not force it on others

4 April 2013

Jamie Whyte writes in the Wall Street Journal that Christian leaders should promote private giving, not impose their moral sentiments on taxpayers.

You can read his full article on here.


What would Hayek do? Four years after the crash, the U.K. is still trying to spend its way out of recession

21 March 2013

Eamonn Butler launches a stinging attack in the Wall Street Journal on the mainstream Keynesian analysis of the financial crisis.

You can read his full article on here.

Let's kill the mansion tax once and for all

13 March 2013

Dr Madsen Pirie writes on on the mansion tax. He argues that it is a wealth tax that is economically illiterate, damaging and divisive. 


Sam on BBC 3's Free Speech

6 March 2013

Sam Bowman appears as a panel member on BBC 3's 'Free Speech'. He talks about the housing crisis, fizzy drinks tax and drugs legalisation, and was voted the winner of the panel discussion by the audience and Twitter followers. 



Sam on Radio 4 PM Show on austerity & Italy

27 February 2013

Sam Bowman appears on Radio 4's PM show talking on the Italian economy and the election results. He argues that Ireland has implemented much greater austerity measures than Italy, but because it has combined the measures with a liberalising of it's business environment, it has experienced much greater growth than Italy and many other Eurozone countries. 

You can listen to Sam here (from 9mins in) 


Osborne's Capital Gains increase cut his 'tax take'

26 February 2013

Our press release revealing that Capital Gains Tax revenues fell after the increase in the tax rate received both print and online coverage. 



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