Sam Bowman is Executive Director of the Adam Smith Institute, responsible for managing the Institute’s team on a daily basis, working on the ASI’s overall strategy, acting as a media spokesman for the Institute and writing and researching in his spare time.

He is interested in the political economy of “Bleeding Heart Libertarianism”, a school of thought that tries to use free market policies to improve the welfare of the poor. His key policy areas are immigration and planning, which he sees as the two major areas where states hurt the poor globally and in the UK respectively. He is also interested in market monetarism and the epistemic challenges facing social democracy.

In 2014 he wrote “Quids In: How sterlingization and free banking could help Scotland flourish” which argued that an independent Scotland could use free banking to maximise its financial stability, which was featured by nearly every major news outlet in the UK, including NewsnightBBC News, The Guardian, The Scotsman, The Times, The Financial Times and The Telegraph.

He has written for The Telegraph, The Financial TimesThe Wall Street JournalThe Guardian, The Spectator, City AM, ConservativeHome, The International Business Times and CapX and has appeared on Sky News, NewsnightBBC News, Bloomberg TV, CNBC, Scotland Tonight and The Today Programme, as well as many others.

He tweets as @s8mb. He likes cooking and pop music, and reviews restaurants at Straight Up London.