It would appear that not a great deal has changed at The Guardian since Mencken visited some 60 years ago [3] .

Yes, if true, this really would [4] be the most insane 'elf'n'safety innovation yet. 

On security, this idea [5] doesn't look all that bright either. Instead of the proposed new rules protecting us they would seem, rather, to create inviting targets. 

On climate change [6] , perhaps the best thing to do is simply wait and see? 

Another somewhat sceptical [7] reading of the IPCC's latest report. Perhaps the best point about adaptation is that it would be gradual.

We hear a lot about market failure: all too little about government failure [8] , as some hundreds of the unjustly imprisoned would like us to know. 

And finally [9] , it looks as if Al Gore will finally make it to the Oval Office.