Connoisseur though Netsmith is of odd and recondite bureaucracies, he has to admit that this one really rather surprised him. The Federal Duck Stamp Office [3] ?

Every day into which a little Bastiat falls is obviously a good one. Here he's [4] explaining why Amtrack isn't all that good. 

Another economic oddity: the upward sloping demand curve [5]

Now this is indeed an extremely difficult question [6] . Who wrote the worse column, the Yazzmonster or Johann Hari?  

To borrow from Marginal Revolution, markets in everything [7] , even P60s and payslips for your mortgage application. Anyone know Peter Mandelson's email address?

Something of an oddity [8] in the law about pornography. If it's truly extreme then it appears that it's not pornography.  

And finally [9] , the ultimate in Glaswegian cuisine (no, it's not Gordon Ramsey): the battered, deep fried, kebab pizza.